Azuqua Academy is currently in Beta.

We encourage you to actively use this material, but recognize that some material may actively be under construction and may need additional revisions. For example, you may encounter images which need to be resized, typographical errors, or missing content.

For any issues you encounter - specifically “breaking” issues that prevent you from progressing through your learning journey - use the following Google Form.
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Azuqua Academy

Welcome to Azuqua Academy!

This material is designed to help you quickly get up-to-speed with Azuqua via brief videos, workbooks, and quizzes.

For the best experience, we recommend that you have an Azuqua environment and actively work through exercises and quizzes.

Current Curriculum

FLOGRAM Fundamentals (100) Apprentice FLOGRAMMER (200) FLOGRAMMER (300)
101 - Azuqua 101 201 - Event Types 301 - Tables
102 - Building Blocks 202 - Handling Dates and Times 302 - API and JSON - The Fundamentals
103 - Actions and Events 203 - Designer Best Practices
104 - Functions 204 - Post-Live Troubleshooting
105 - Options 205 - Function Categories
106 - Connections 206 - JavaScript and Call Code Function Card
107 - Input, Output, Drag & Drop 207 - Introduction to Objects
108 - Conditionals 208 - Lists (The Basics)
109 - Testing Individual Cards 209 - Child FLOs
Final Exam Final Exam

Tracking Your Progress

Academy is currently in BETA, but we are beginning to track progress.

If you wish to track your progress, please complete the associated quizzes and exams. Make sure to use your work email account when completing any of the exercises. This will allow us to tie your progress to your account.

Important Note If you’re seeking a report on your progress we will be in the process of automating this. Please stay tuned for more information!