Authorizing a HubspotCRM Account

The first time you use a HubspotCRM card in your FLO, you will need to authorize an account.

  1. Add an Account Nickname. This should be unique, so that in the case that your teammates authorize multiple accounts, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Click “Create” to launch a window where you will sign in to your account and the save this configuration.

To get started working with the Hubspot CRM application, the first step is to integrate an existing Hubspot CRM account with the Designer. If you do not have an existing Hubspot CRM account and you wish to use Hubspot CRM with the Designer, sign up for Hubspot CRM first, and then return to the authorization process.

  1.  First, select a Card within the Hubspot CRM application you wish to use.
  2. After selecting a Card, you will be given the option to Add Account. Click Add Account.
  3. You will be prompted to give the account a nickname. This nickname is only used for display purposes within the Designer. It does not need to correspond to a username within Hubspot CRM.
  4. After choosing a nickname, click Next; you will be given a prompt to allow access to your Hubspot CRM account. Click Allow on the prompt that appears. This allows access Hubspot CRM on your behalf.
  5. Now, the account with the nickname you specified should appear on the Card you previously selected. Click this nickname to begin configuring the card.
  6. That’s it! You are now authorized with Hubspot CRM. The account you associated can now be used within any Hubspot CRM Card.