Update an existing deal using the deal ID.

Input Fields

The second group of inputs, “Fields”, is dynamically generated to show all properties you have for Deal objects inside of Hubspot CRM, including dynamic fields. The following list of available properties just features the default properties for Deal objects, you may find that you have additional options.

  • Update By
    • Deal ID (number): The ID of the deal you would like to update
  • Fields
    • Amount - Total value of the deal
    • Close Date - The day the deal is expected to close
    • Closed Lost Reason - Reason why the deal was lost
    • Closed Won Reason - Reason why the deal was won
    • Create Date - Day the deal was created in the CRM
    • Deal Description - Brief description of the deal
    • Deal Name - The name you have given this deal
    • Deal Stage - The stage this deal is currently in
    • Deal Type - New Business or Existing Business
    • HubSpot Owner - The sales user that the deal is assigned to
    • Last Modified Date - The most recent date that any property on this deal was updated
    • Last Activity Date - The last time a note, call, email, meeting, or task was logged for a deal
    • Number of Contacts - Number of contacts associated with this deal
    • Pipeline - The pipeline the deal is in, which determines that stages that are available for the deal

Output Fields

This card does not produce outputs. If, for some reason, your update operation failed, you’ll receive a runtime error from the service.

NOTE: Because of changes to the labels of certain fields in the Hubspot API, it may be necessary to regenerate inputs and/or outputs on cards by clicking the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the card and selecting “Choose fields.” This change affected the “Hubspot Owner” field, which may have been changed to “Company Owner,” “Deal Owner,” or “Contact Owner” depending on the card. If you created your card after May 9th, your card will have generated the currently correct inputs and/or outputs.