Updates a Hubspot CRM Contact’s properties.

Input Fields

If you are trying to close a contact into a customer, you should be updating the ‘Lifecycle Stage’ property and setting the value of this property to ‘customer’.

  • Update By
    • Contact ID (number): The contact’s associated unique ID.
  • Fields
    • First Name (text): The contact’s first name.
    • Last Name (text): The contact’s last name.
    • Salutation (text): The word or phrase serving as the introductory greeting in writing.
    • Email (text): The contact’s preferred email address.
    • Phone Number (text): The contact’s primary phone number.
    • Fax Number (text):The contact’s primary fax number.
    • Street Address (text): The contact’s primary street address for mailings.
    • Hubspot Owner (text): The owner ID of a contact. This can be any HubSpot user or Salesforce integration user, and can be set manually or via Workflows.
    • City (text): The city in which the contact’s primary street address is located.
    • State/Region (text): The state in which the contact’s primary street address is located.
    • Postal Code (text): The postal code used for mailings to the contact’s primary street address.
    • Country (text): The country in which the contact’s primary address is located.
    • Job Title (text): The name of the contact’s position at their place of employment.
    • Close Date (text): The date on which the contact became a customer of your business.
    • Lifecycle Stage (text): The current state of the sales cycle that the contact is in.
      • This property denotes the stage at which the contact is in. Stages include ‘subscriber’, ‘lead’, ‘marketingqualifiedlead’, ‘salesqualifiedlead’, ‘opportunity’ and ‘customer’. These values are described in HubSpot’s Contacts application under “Contacts > Manage Settings > Lifecycle Stages”. Once a contact does become a “customer”, it will be reflected in HubSpot’s Sources application as such.
      • Please Note The Lifecycle stage is not designed to move backwards. If you need to set this property to an previous stage, you will first need to set the value to “” (an empty string) and then set the new Stage
    • Dynamically Generated (text): The dynamically generated fields based on contact form properties. These are defined by the user(s) of the account.