This event monitor will trigger whenever a specified field on a deal is updated within your HubSpot CRM instance. Note: this will trigger regardless of the pipeline the deal is in.


  • Field (dropdown): a dropdown list of all the fields on a deal that you can choose from. This will specify the particular field that when changed will trigger the workflow.

Output Fields


  • Deal ID (text): Unique ID (system generated) for the new deal that was created and triggered the workflow.
  • Associated Contact IDs (List - Numbers): List of all the associated contact records to the deal. These contact records will be the unique IDs of each of those contacts.
  • Associated Company IDs (List - Numbers): List of all the associated company records to the deal. These company records will be the unique IDs of each of those companies.
  • Associated Deal IDs (List - Numbers): Deals cannot be associated with other deals. This will be an empty list.
  • Original Source Type (text): The original source type of the data. One of three options: Offline, Online, and Other
  • Original Source Data 1 (text): The source HubSpot product where the deal was originally created (e.g. SALES)
  • Original Source Data 2 (text): Which UI within HubSpot was the deal created in (e.g. CRM_UI)
  • Last Modified Date (Date): UNIX formatted timestamp of when the deal was last modified. (For more about time vales check out this link)
  • Owner Assigned Date (Date): UNIX formatted timestamp of when the deal was assigned to the deal owner.
  • Deal Name (text): Name of the deal.
  • Amount (Number): Dollar amount of the deal.
  • Deal Stage (text): Current stage of the pipeline that the deal is in.
  • Pipeline (text): Unique identifier for a particular Deal Pipeline in HubSpot CRM.
  • Close Date (Date): Date of the current expected close date of the deal (UNIX format type).
  • Create Date (Date): Date the deal was created (UNIX format type).
  • Last Meeting Booked (Date): Date the last meeting activity was scheduled on the deal (UNIX time format).
  • HubSpot Owner (text): Unique ID of the deal owner. This ID will be the deal owners system user ID that can be used to look up more information.
  • Last Activity Date (Date): The last time a note, call, email, meeting, or task was logged for a deal. This is set automatically by HubSpot based on user actions in the deal record. (UNIX time format).
  • Next Activity Date (Date): The next scheduled date of an activity on the deal (UNIX time format).
  • Number of times contact (Number): number of times the deal has been contacted.
  • Number of Sales Activities (Number): number of activities completed on the deal.
  • Deal Type (text): Whether the deal is new or existing business.
  • Deal Description (text): Description of the deal.
  • Number of Contacts (Number): number customer contacts associated with the deal.
  • Closed Lost Reason (text): description of why the deal was lost.
  • Closed Won Reason (text): description of why the deal was won.


  • New Value (text): the current value of the field that had been updated.
  • Old Value (text): The previous value of the field that was updated.

NOTE: Because of changes to the labels of certain fields in the Hubspot API, it may be necessary to regenerate outputs on cards by clicking the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the card and selecting “Choose fields.” This change affected the “Hubspot Owner” field, which may have been changed to “Company Owner,” “Deal Owner,” or “Contact Owner” depending on the card. If you created your card after May 9th, your card will have generated the currently correct outputs.