To use the new Marketo connector, you will need add your account to the connector. Existing Marketo accounts will not be transferred to Marketo (New). The new Marketo connector uses the same authentication as the old connector, so follow the same steps you would normally to authenticate:

  1. Add a card from the “Marketo (New)” connector to your FLO
  2. Navigate to the Admin panel within Marketo. NOTE: You must be an administrator with API access to find the information needed to authenticate Marketo in Azuqua.
  3. Find your endpoint:
    1. Click Web Services
    2. Scroll down to the REST API section and copy the Endpoint URL. NOTE: If your Endpoint is, you will enter everything through the .com into Azuqua, not the /rest. So your Endpoint for Azuqua will be
    3. Copy and paste the Endpoint URL into Azuqua.
  4. Find your Client ID and Secret:
    1. Navigate to LaunchPoint
    2. Look for the installed service called Azuqua. If you do not have one, follow these steps:
    3. Click New > New Service
    4. Name this service Azuqua
    5. Select “Custom” from the Service dropdown
    6. Add a description that will help you remember this service later
    7. Select the API only user you wish to give access to this account
    8. Select Create
    9. Select View Details next to the Azuqua service
  5. Copy and paste your Client ID and Secret into Azuqua
  6. Click “Next” to save your configuration.


  • New Activity - Start FLO when there is a new activity
  • New Lead - Start FLO when there is a new lead
  • New Program - Start FLO when there is a new program.
  • Program Updated - Start FLO when there is an update to a program.
  • Updated Field on Lead - Start FLO when there is an update to a specific field on a lead
  • Updated Lead - Start FLO when there is an update to a lead