Creates a new program of a specified type within Marketo

Input Fields

  • Program
    • Name (text): The name of your new program.
    • Description (text): The description for your new program with a maximum of 2000 characters.
    • Start Date (text): mm/dd/yyyy The start date of your program.
    • End Date (text): mm/dd/yyyy The end date of your program.
    • Parent Folder ID (number): Identification number associated with the Parent folder you want to attach your new program to.
    • Parent Folder Type (text): TheĀ ID lookup of the particular parent folder, whether its type is a folder or program.
    • Cost Requests (list): This field is used with the Build Request Object action.
    • Tags (list): This field is used with the Build Tag Object action.

Output Fields

  • Output
    • Program ID (type): The ID for your new program within Marketo.