Search Lead

Reads already existing lead within Marketo2_29.

Search Options

  • Search Field: Allows you to choose which value you want to use when searching for lead (Eg. Email, Facebook ID, Twitter ID).
  • Result Set: Allows you to filter your results from either showing the first result to all results which match the input field.

Input Fields

  • Value (list): Value used to search lead (Eg. Email, Facebook ID, Twitter ID).

Output Fields

Output fields which are marked on checkboxes before test button is pushed on input fields will be listed under “Read Lead” Card.

  • Company Name (text): Name/ Title of Company affiliated with lead.
  • Site (text): Site of company location of newly created lead.
  • Billing Address (text): Billing address of lead (Eg. Building Number, Street/Avenue).
  • Billing City (text): City of billing address (Eg. Seattle)
  • Billing State (text): State of billing address (Eg. Washington)
  • Billing Country (text): Country of billing address (Eg. United States)
  • Billing Postal Code (text): Postal code of  billing address.
  • Website (text): Website URL of  company lead is associated with.
  • Main Phone (number): Main phone number of lead’s company.
  • Annual Revenue (number): Yearly revenue created by lead.
  • Num Employees (number): Number of people who are under employment by current company.
  • Industry (text): Industry of company lead works for (Eg. Steel, Tourist, Automobile, etc..)
  • Company Notes (text): Notes/Additional information about Company lead is associated with.
  • Id (number): Identification number of lead.
  • Salutation (text): Lead’s preferred salutation, (i.e. Mister, Misses…etc.)
  • First Name (text): First name of lead.
  • Middle Name (text): Middle name of lead.
  • Last Name (text): Last name of new lead.
  • Email Address (yes or no) : If marked yes, lead’s email will be added to card.
  • Phone Number (number): Phone number of created lead
  • Mobile Phone Number (number): Mobile (Cell) phone number of lead.
  • Fax Number (number): Number associated with lead’s fax machine.
  • Job Title (text): Lead’s job title at associated company.
  • Date of Birth (calendar): Date of lead’s birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Address (text): Address of lead  (Eg. Building Number, Street/Avenue).
  • City (text): City of lead’s address (Eg. Seattle)
  • State (text): State of lead’s address (Eg. Washington)
  • Country (text): Country of lead’s address (Eg. United States)
  • Postal Code (text): Postal code of address.
  • Unsubscribed (yes or no): If marked yes, lead is unsubscribed to notifications, do not send email notifications.
  • Do Not Call (yes or no): If marked yes, do not call phone number.
  • Person Notes (text): Notes/Additional information associated with lead.
  • Department (text):Lead’s department in their company
  • Lead Source (text): Field recording what source the lead originated from
  • Lead Status (number): Field recording the current marketing/sales status of the lead.
  • Lead Score (number): Integer score awarded to the lead by scoring campaigns and programs.
  • Priority (number): Lead’s Sales Insight priority. System managed.
  • Relative Score (number): Lead’s Sales Insight relative score. System managed.
  • Relative Urgency (number): Level of urgency of lead’s sales insight.
  • Lead Rating (number): Marketing/sales rating of the lead.
  • Acquisition Program (text): Program acquisition is associated with.
  • Acquisition Date (calendar): Date of acquisition.
  • Last Viewed Date (number): Most recent date lead’s profile was viewed.
  • Last Referenced Date (number): Most recent date lead was referenced.