Search for already existing custom object.

Search By Options

  • Custom Object Types
    • Custom Object Sample: Sample of custom object.
    • Test Custom Object: Testing custom object.
  • Search Field
    • Marketo GUID
    • Dedupe Field
    • Lead ID (text): Identification number of lead associated with custom object.
  • Result Set
    • First Matching Object: Output will only show first object which fits searched criteria.
    • All Matching Objects: Output will show every object which matches searched criteria.

Input Fields

  • Values (text): Value selected from search by options (Eg. Lead ID, Marketo GUID, Dedupe Field).

Output Fields

  • Boolean Field (yes or no): Allows you to select a True (checked) or False (unchecked) value.
  • Currency Field (number): A float type field which represents the default currency type selected for the Marketo Subscription.
  • Dedupe Field (text): Removing duplicate entries.
  • Email Field (text): A string type field which accepts email addresses,
  • Float Field (number): A number field which contains of Real Numbers and can use a decimal place.
  • Lead ID (number): Identification number associated with Lead.
  • Number Field (number): Numbers associated with object.
  • Phone Field (text): Phone Number (E.g. 000-000-0000)
  • String Field (text): Shorter text (up to 255 characters).
  • Text Field (text):Longer text. Supports up to 30,000 bytes. Standard ASCII characters use 1 byte per character (allowing up to 30,000 characters).Unicode characters may use up to 4 bytes per character (reducing the  number of characters allowed to less than 30,000 characters).