Encode text into a URL-encoded text for use within a URL.  This function encodes all reserved characters, like space : ? / etc., for use in a URL. For more details on URL encoding, see this Wikipedia article.

For example, if you want to build a URL where the value of name comes from a previous step, then you can use this function to encode that value as follows:

If your input is: Sherlock Holmes: Detective
Then the encoded output is: Sherlock%20Holmes%3A%20Detective

You can use Concatenate to then build the URL, by adding the output above to https://www.example.com/searchcustomers?name= to get https://www.example.com/searchcustomers?name=Sherlock%20Holmes%3A%20Detective.

This function is the inverse of Decode Query.  Note that in many cases, it may be easier to use Encode Query because it will build a full URL query with multiple query parameters including the encoding.  

Input Fields

  • text: the text to encode

Output Fields

  • output: the URL-encoded output