Encode a query object into a URL-encoded query object.  A query string is everything after the ? in a URL.  Certain special characters, like space : ? / etc., need to be encoded because they have special meaning in the URL itself.  For more details see this Wikipedia article.

For example, in this URL:


the query string is the part starting with “name”, and you could create it by using Encode Query with this input

    "name": "John Doe",
    "region": "North America"

which would encode to this query string:


The usage pattern is:  build a query object using Object functions such as Construct, Set, or Zip - this makes it easy to build an object using dynamics inputs from previous steps.  Then encode it to a string using this function - or you may choose to use the query object directly with Raw Request.

This method is the inverse of Decode Query.  

Input Fields

  • data (object): the query object

Output Fields

  • output (text): the query string