Before starting, make certain you authorize the platform to make changes in Intacct.

  • In your Intacct account, navigate to the Company tab.
  • Click “Company Info” and navigate to the Security tab.
  • Press Edit in the top right corner and scroll down to “Web Services Authorizations”.
  • Click the plus button, and enter azuquaMPP as the sender_id. Enter any description you want.
  1. Enter anĀ Account Nickname. This should be unique, because if your team authorizes multiple accounts, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter your Intacct Company Id. This is located in the Company Info section of your Intacct Account.
  3. Enter your Username and Password.


  • New Customer - Start FLO when a new Customer is created in Intacct
  • New Purchase Order - Start FLO when a new Purchase Order is created in Intacct.
  • New Record - Starts a FLO when a new record of the specified type is created in Intacct. Contains an optional filter to narrow down which records will trigger the FLO.
  • New Sales Order - Start FLO when a new Sales Order is created in Intacct.
  • New or Updated AR Invoice - Start FLO when a AR Invoice is Updated in Intacct.
  • New or Updated Contact - Start FLO when a new Contact is created in Intacct.
  • Updated Customer - Start FLO when a Customer is updated in Intacct.
  • Updated Purchase Order - Start FLO when a Purchase Order is Updated in Intacct.
  • Updated Sales Order - Start FLO when a Sales Order is Updated in Intacct.


  • Build Line Item - Builds Line Item for Sales Order, Purchase Order, AR Invoice.
  • Build Timesheet Entry - Build a Timesheet Entry that can be used with the 'Create Timesheet' action.
  • Create AR Invoice - Create new AR Invoice in Intacct
  • Create Contact - Create new Contact in Intacct
  • Create Customer - Create Customer in Intacct
  • Create Purchase Order - Create Purchase Order in Intacct
  • Create Sales Order - Create Sales Order in Intacct
  • Create Timesheet - Create a Timesheet in Intacct.
  • Custom API Action - Make a custom API request to the Intacct API
  • Delete AR Invoice - Delete AR Invoice in Intacct
  • Delete Contact - Delete Contact in Intacct
  • Delete Customer - Delete Customer in Intacct
  • Delete Purchase Order - Delete Purchase Order in Intacct
  • Delete Sales Order - Delete Sales Order in Intacct
  • Read AR Invoice - Read AR Invoice in Intacct
  • Read Contact - Read Contact information in Intacct
  • Read Customer - Read Customer in Intacct
  • Read Purchase Order - Read Purchase Order in Intacct
  • Read Sales Order - Read Sales Order in Intacct
  • Search Records by Query - Search for and return up to 1000 records of a specific type using an Intacct query.
  • Update AR Invoice - Update AR Invoice in Intacct
  • Update Contact - Update Contact in Intacct
  • Update Customer - Updates Customer in Intacct.
  • Update Purchase Order - Update Purchase Order in Intacct
  • Update Sales Order