Search Contacts

Finds contacts that match a provided search criteria.


  • Search For (dropdown): choose to search for “First matching contact” or “All matching contacts.”

Input Fields

Returns the first or all contacts that match the specified criteria. The matching ignores case and will match any part of the value. For example, searching for Full Name “andy” would return contacts with the name “Andy” or “Sandy.” If you were to also enter in an Organization Name, you’d only get back results that match both the Full Name and the Organization Name. The fields you can search in include:

  • Email Address (text)
  • Title (text)
  • Full Name (text)
  • Given Name (text): aka First Name.
  • Family Name (text): aka Last Name.
  • Nickname (text)
  • Birthday (text)
  • Subject (text)
  • Occupation (text)
  • Phone Number (text)
  • Organization Name (text)
  • Website Link (text)
  • Calendar Link (text)
  • External ID (text)

Output Fields

If chose to search for “First matching contact” the output is a single ID:

  • Contact ID (text): the unique IDs for the first contact that meets the search criteria.

If chose to search for “All matching contacts,” the output is a list:

  • Contact IDs (list of text): a list of the unique IDs for the contacts that meet the search criteria, or an empty list if there are no matches.

To work with items in a list, see the available List Functions that can follow in your Flow, such as For Each to process each of the contacts one at a time. You can pass the Contact ID to other Google Contact actions such as Read Contact or Delete Contact.