This function is designed for a common API pattern, where a service returns a list of field values as a list of objects which each contain a field name as one key, and a field value as another key.

In that case, this function can be useful in converting that list into an object that contains each field as a key-value pair.  Index By solves this problem by letting you specify a keyPath and a valuePath.  For each item in the list, the function creates a new key-value pair in the output object.

For example, if you have this list:

        "fieldname": "x",
        "myvalue": "one"
        "fieldname": "y",
        "myvalue": "two"
        "fieldname": "z",
        "myvalue": "three"

and use Index By with keyPath=“fieldname” and valuePath=“myvalue” then it would output the following object:

    "x": "one",
    "y": "two",
    "z": "three"

Input Fields

  • list (list of objects):  a list of objects
  • keyPath (text):  the key in the object that has the key names (“fieldname” in the above example)
  • valuePath (text):  the key that contains the values (“myvalue” in the above example)

Output Fields

  • output (object):  an object containing the key/value pairs defined by the input list