Removes any items in a list (list1) which are also in the second list (list2).  The output is a new list which is a subset of list1, containing only those items which are not in list2.  The lists can be a list of any type of item - a list of text, a list of numbers, a list of objects, etc.  All 3 lists should be set to the same type.

Input Fields

  • list1 (list of *) - required: the list to filter.
  • list2 (list of *) - required: the list of items to remove from list1.
  • you can optionally add additional lists to filter from list1

Output Fields

  • list (list of *): the output list


list1: ["andrew", "beth", "carla", "david", "elwood"]

list2: ["beth", "david", "frank", "gina" ]

output list: ["andrew", "carla", "elwood" ]