Read records related to a parent record by providing the the unique Workfront ID for the parent record. Outputs will vary based on the record type chosen from the options menu.


  • Parent Record Type¬†(dropdown)

    • Document Folder
    • Document
    • Task
    • Timesheet
    • Project
    • Company
    • Issue
    • Portfolio
    • Approval
    • User
    • Assignments
    • Group
  • Related Record (dropdown)

    • Varies: this can only be a record type that exists within the parent record
    • Example: if ‘Document Folder’ is chosen as the Parent Record Type, then the related record chosen must be either children or¬†documents


  • Parent Record ID: the unique Workfront ID of the record you wish to read


  • Related Records: the output will always be a list of objects, and the items within each object will vary based on the related record type chosen