New Record

A new record has been created Note: Additional fields may be available depending on the account and options you choose.


  • Record Type (dropdown)
    • Approval (text): Way record was approved.
    • Company (text): Company association.
    • Document Folder (text): Document folder.
    • Document Version (text): Type/Last updated document.
    • Expense (text): Monetary value.
    • Group (text): Group/Association
    • Issue (text): Problem that needs to be resolved.
    • Job Role (text): Job title/role of people on record.
    • Journal Entry (text): Data entry.
    • Milestone Path (text): List of events needed in order to finish path.
    • Note (text): Notes/description of document.
    • Portfolio (text): Portfolio type.
    • Program (text): Type of
    • Project (text): Project type
    • Task (text): To-do list.
    • Template Task (text): Task of template.
    • User (text): Name of user.
  • Filter (text): Type in a boundary/limitation in order to make record easier to find.


  • Collection (object): Updates data collection within Workfront

Known Issues:

  • Monitoring for the `Issue` record type will not pick up 100% of new `Issues` (~ 4% of records missed)