Create Record allows you to create a new record in Workfront as a step in your Flow.

Note: Different record types have different required fields, so always make sure you are at least providing the minimum number of input fields. For example, if you want to create an issue, in addition to a name for the issue, you will need to provide a valid project ID. This can be a field referenced from another step in your Flow or manually typed into the input field.


  • Record Type (dropdown list):
    • Select the record type that you’re looking to make a record for. For example, f you want to create a Project, you should select Project from the dropdown list and then make sure you have access to data from previous steps to use when creating the Project.

Input Fields

  • Project
    • Standard Input Fields
      • The card will initially display a few standard fields based on whichever record type you select. You can also open up the fields menu by clicking the cog wheel at the bottom right of the card to use other fields available in Workfront.
    • Custom Input Fields
      • Where applicable, the fields menu will also display any of the custom fields available in your Workfront instance.

OutputĀ Fields

  • Record ID (text): Each new record will out put an ‘ID’ field. This ‘ID’ is the Workfront ID of that record and is the same as the ID you can find in the URL of any specific Workfront record.