Updates an existing customer in Stripe.

Input Fields

  • Update By
    • CustomerId (text): The identifier for the customer. Can be found in the URL of the customer or in the ‘details’ section of the customer in Stripe.
  • Customer
    • AccountBalance(text):
    • Coupon(text):
    • CustomerEmail (text): The email of the customer.
    • CustomerPhone (text): The phone number of the customer.
    • CustomerDescription (text): A description of the customer.
    • SourceId (text): Customer payment source
    • TaxPercent (text): Tax percentage.
    • TrialEndDate (text): The end date of their subscription.
  • Address
    • ShippingName (text): The name of the address.
    • ShippingAddressLine1 (text): Street address
    • ShippingAddressLine2 (text): Unit number
    • ShippingCity (text): City
    • ShippingState (text): State
    • ShippingCountry (text): Country
    • ShippingPostalCode (text): Zip/Postal Code

Output Fields

  • There are no output fields for this card.