Triggers a Flow when a new customer is created in Stripe.


  • Author
    • Customer ID (text): The ID of the new customer.
  • Message
    • Customer Email(text): The customer’s email address.
    • Shipping Address Line 1(text): The first line of the customer’s shipping address.
    • Shipping Address Line 2(text): The second line of the customer’s shipping address.
    • Shipping City_(text):  _The customer’s shipping address city.
    • Shipping State(text): The customer’s shipping address state.
    • Shipping Country(text): The customer’s shipping address country.
    • Shipping Postal Code(text): The customer’s shipping address Zip/Postal code.
    • Phone Number(text): The customer’s phone number.
    • Currency (text): The ISO currency code for the customer.
    • Time Created (unix) (text): The time the customer was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
  • Context
    • Execution ID(text): The ID of the event.