Creates a subscription in Stripe.


  • Subscription
    • CustomerID (text): The ID of the customer. Given if you use the ‘Create Customer’ card, but can also be found in the URL of the customer, or in the details section for the customer on Stripe.
    • PlanID (text): The identifier for the plan.┬áThe ID can be found in the URL of the plan (**123345**), under plan details in Stripe, or by using ‘Read Subscription’ if a subscription with that plan already exists.
    • SourceId (text): The customer payment information.
    • CouponCode (text): A coupon.
    • Quantity (text): How many subscriptions.
    • TaxPercent(text): Tax percent.
    • TrialEndDate(text): The date the subscription ends.


  • Subscription
    • SubscriptionId (text): The identifier for the subscription, created above.