Send a row of Smartsheet data to a designated recipient.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets: choose the sheet you would like the recipient to update, or choose “–Insert ID–” option to use a sheet ID instead.
  • Columns to send: choose “All Columns” to ask the recipient to update all columns, or choose “Customize” to choose which columns to send.
  • Send: choose “Single Row” if you only want to send one row within the notification. Choose “List of Rows” if you are intending to send a collection of rows in a single notification. When you select this the “id” input will change to “IDs” and require a list of IDs in order to process correctly.

Input Fields

Based on your choices in the “Options” step, you will see a subset of the fields below.

  • Row ID(s) (text or list): the unique ID(s) of the row you would like the recipient to receive and view. This field is required.

  • Email

    • _To:_ the email address of the user you would like to send the update request to; multiple email addresses can be specified by separating them with a comma
    • Subject: the subject line of the email.
    • Message: the content of the email.
    • CC Me: set to “true” if you would like to be CC’d on the email.
  • Include

    • Attachments: set to “true” if you would like a link to row attachments to be included in the email
    • Discussions: set to “true” if you would like row discussions to be included in the email
  • Sheet (number): the ID of the sheet you would like the user to update. If visible, this field is required.

  • Columns: A dynamically generated list of the columns in your sheet. If you would like the column to be included in the update request, set that field to “true.” At least one column must be included.