ReadĀ Group

Returns information about a group based on the given Smartsheet group ID.

Input Fields

  • Group ID (number): the ID of the group.

Output Fields

  • Name (text): the name of the group.

  • Description (text): a description of the group.

  • Owner Email (text): the email address of the group owner.

  • Owner User ID (number): Group owner’s user Id.

  • Members (list): a list of all members of the group, as objects. Each object contains the following information:

    • User ID (number)

    • Email (text)

    • First Name (text)

    • Last Name (text)

    • Full Name (text)

    • There is an additional option to include more information in the object list, accessible by using the “Enter key name here” field. If you don’t have a reason to include additional information, it is unlikely that you need to use the additional field.

  • Created At (text): Time of group creation.

  • Updated At (text): Time of last modification to group.