Creates a copy of the specified folder.


  • Copy To (dropdown list): The destination of your copied folder
    • Folder Copy to another folder
    • Workspace Copy to an existing workspace
    • Home Copy to Home

Input Fields

  • Copy
    • Existing Folder ID (Text) the ID of the to-be-copied folder
    • New Folder Name (Text) Name of the newly created folder copy
    • Destination ID (Text) The ID of the destination, either another folder’s ID or a Workplace ID. This option not present for a copy to Home.
  • Include: The elements you’d like to copy. You select true if you’d like to include that information in the new copy, false if you would not.
    • Data (True/False)
    • Attachments (True/False)
    • Cell Links (True/False)
    • Discussions (True/False)
    • Filters (True/False)
    • Forms (True/False)
    • Rules (True/False)
    • Rule Recipients (True/False)
    • Shares (True/False)

Output Fields

*   **Folder ID** _(Number)_: The ID of the newly created folder copy.