Create User

Create a new user in Slack.

Field types are text.


  • Email
    • Primary Email: user’s primary email address
    • Secondary Name: user’s secondary email address
  • Username
    • Username: login username of the user
    • Nickname: user’s nickname
    • Last Name: user’s last name
    • First Name: user’s first name
    • Display Name: name of the user, suitable for display to end users
    • Honorific Prefix: user’s honorific prefix or title
  • Phone
    • Primary Phone: user’s primary phone number
    • Mobile Phone: user’s mobile phone number
  • Address
    • Street Address: full street address of the user
    • Locality: locality of the user
    • Region: region of the user
    • Postal Code: zip or postal code of the user
    • Country: country of the user
  • User Details
    • Password: text string value for the user’s password
    • Profile URL: URL for the user’s profile
    • Profile Photo URL: URL for the user’s profile photo
    • What I Do: informal profile description of the user’s role
    • User Type: type of user
    • Role: user’s role in their organization
  • Localization
    • Time Zone: user’s time zone
    • Preferred Language: user’s preferred language
    • Locale: user’s default location for purposes of localizing items like currency, date/time format, and numerical representations
  • Enterprise
    • Department: name of user’s department
    • Division: name of user’s division
    • Employee Number: user’s organization- or company-assigned unique identifier
    • Organization: name of user’s organization
    • Cost Center: name of the cost center assigned with the user
    • Manager ID: unique identifier of the user’s manager

Output Fields

  • Output
    • User ID: unique identifier of the newly created user