Send a message to a Slack channel. You must be a member of the channel. You can send the message as a bot or from your own ID.

When sending messages as bots, you will trigger any flows that look for a New Message in Channel event. If you are subscribed to channel notifications, you will receive a notification when you send messages as bots. Sending from your own ID will not trigger flows or notifications.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Your Channels (drop-down): available channels
  • Send as Bot? (drop-down): yes to send the message from a bot or no to send it from your own ID
  • Unfurl URLs? (true/false): indicate whether Slack should scan links found in messages and create attachments based on the link’s contents


  • Message Text: message text (may include emojis:, #channels, @users, and /commands)
  • Slackbot Name: name of the sender from the slackbot channel (if Send as Bot? option is yes)


  • Timestamp: timestamp when message was sent