Uploads an attachment in ServiceNow.

Input Fields

  • File

    • File Content (file): The file that will be attached to the ServiceNow item.
    • File Name (text): Name of the file being uploaded. Note: file cannot have spaces in the name. For Microsoft Office files, specify the extension in the file name e.g. “.xlsx” or “.docx” - this can be done using the String Concatenate or String Compose functions.
    • Table Name (text): Name of the ServiceNow table for the SysID specified, i.e. “change_request” for a Change Request, “task” for a Task, etc.
    • Table System ID (text): Can usually be found in the URL. For example, an Incident with the following URL:


      Would have this sys_id: 23dc968f0a0a3c1900534f399927740e

Output Fields

  • Attachment

    • System ID (text): System ID generated by ServiceNow for the attachment.