Upload a file to SDL.


  • File
    • File Name (string): Enter the desired name of the file. NOTE: Ensure a file extension is present in the filename. Uploading a file without an extension may cause issues.
    • File Content (file): File content to upload.
    • Project Option (dropdown): Dynamically generated list of project options. Alternative ID or Name of the Project Option can be provided.


  • Output
    • FileId (string): File identifier.
    • FileName (string): Name of the file.
    • IsTranslatable (boolean): Value indicating whether this instance is translatable.
    • IsReference (boolean): Value indicating whether this instance is reference.
    • UnsupportedFilesInArchive (boolean): Value indicating whether there are unsupported files in the archive.
    • ArchiveIsPasswordProtected (boolean): Value indicating whether the archive is encrypted.
    • ArchiveIsUnsupported (boolean): Value indicating whether the archive type is supported.
    • UnsupportedAreReference (boolean): Value indicating whether unsupported files in the archive will be handled as reference files.
    • ProviderName (string): Provider name.
    • WordCount (number): Word count.
    • UploadComplete (boolean): Value indicating whether the file upload has been successfully completed.