Build a collection of files to attach to a single project to either be translated or added as a reference file. This action is designed to be used in conjunction with the Create Project action. The output of this card should be used as the input value for Create Project’s ‘Files’ input field.

This action can take an arbitrary amount of files and languages to create a list to be used with Create Project’s ‘Files’ input field.


  • Target Languages (list of objects): A list of objects composed of a Language as a key and True or False string as a Value.
    • Example (object): An example of a language to be translated to. { “EN-GB”: “True” }
  • Files (list of objects) : A list of objects composed of File IDs and Options of Translate or Reference.
    • Example (object): An example of a file to be translated. { “File ID”: “1”, “Option”: “Translate” }


  • Output
    • Files (list of objects): A list of file objects in the structure required by the SDL API to attach files to a project to be translated. Use this field’s output value as the input to the Create Project’s ‘Files’ input field value.