Create a project in SDL.


  • Project Option (dropdown): Select the project option. This will determine the source languages and target languages that are available. Additionally, the Project Option metadata fields will dynamically generate as input fields.
  • Source Language (dropdown): Select the source language.


  • Fields
    • Description (string): Sets the project description.
    • DueDate (string): Sets the project due date. This field will be in ISO format. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH-mm-ss. Example: 2019-02-13T22:32:53Z
    • Files (list of objects): List of objects containing file translation metadata. Can optionally use the output from the Build File List action for this field.
    • ScopeOptionId (string): Sets the scope option identifier.
    • Name (string): Sets the name of the project.
    • TmSequenceId (string): Sets the tm sequence identifier.
    • Vendors (list of strings): Gets the vendor ids to be associated with this project.
  • Project Options
    • Dynamically Generated: The metadata fields for the selected project option will populate here.


  • Output
    • Result (string): Identifies if the project creation was a success or failure.
    • ProjectId (string): The project identifier (ID).
    • ExpectExtendedPreparationTime (boolean): Indicates whether to expect extended preparation time.
    • IsUsersFirstProject (boolean): Indicates if this is the user’s first project.