Create a project in SDL.


  • Project Option (dropdown): Select the project option. This will determine the source languages and target languages that are available. Additionally, the Project Option metadata fields will dynamically generate as input fields. Select –Provide At Runtime– to input this field at runtime.
  • Source Language (dropdown): Select –Provide At Runtime– to input this field at runtime.


  • Fields
    • Description (string): Sets the project description.
    • DueDate (string): Sets the project due date. This field will be in ISO format. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH-mm-ss. Example: 2019-02-13T22:32:53Z
    • Files (list of objects): List of objects containing file translation metadata. Can optionally use the output from the Build File List action or Dynamic File List action for this field.
    • ScopeOptionId (string): Sets the scope option identifier.
    • Name (string): Sets the name of the project.
    • TmSequenceId (string): Sets the tm sequence identifier.
    • Project (string): The Project Option value being used ID or Name.
    • Source Language (string): Language being used as the Source.
      • Example (string): EN-GB
    • Vendors (list of strings): Gets the vendor ids to be associated with this project.
  • Project Options
    • Dynamically Generated: The metadata fields for the selected project option will populate here. If –Provide At Runtime– was selected, then input an object with key-value pairs for the Project Options field. All fields must be preconfigured and and comply with Project Options in SDL.
    • Example: { “Metadata1” : “ExampleA”, “Metadata2” : “ExampleB” }


  • Output
    • Result (string): Identifies if the project creation was a success or failure.
    • ProjectId (string): The project identifier (ID).
    • ExpectExtendedPreparationTime (boolean): Indicates whether to expect extended preparation time.
    • IsUsersFirstProject (boolean): Indicates if this is the user’s first project.