Cancel or completes the specified project in SDL. This will be dependent on the status of the project in the workflow. If the project is awaiting download, the project will transition through any final steps in the workflow, and will eventually be moved to complete. If the project is awaiting approval or vendor selection it will be cancelled. If the project is at any other status, the request will fail.


  • Input
    • Project ID (string): Enter the project ID for the project that will be approved.


  • Output
    • Status Code (number): The status code returned by SDL. The status codes are as follows:
      • 204 - The project was successfully cancelled or completed.
      • 401 - Authorization has been denied for this request.
      • 403 - The user does not have the required permission.
      • 404 - The requested project was not found.
      • 410 - The specified project is no longer available or no longer at a status where cancellation or completion is possible.