Build a collection of files to attach to a single project to either be translated or added as a reference file. This action is designed to be used in conjunction with the Create Project action. The output of this card should be used as the input value for Create Project’s ‘Files’ input field.

This action supports creating a project with up to ten files. If you need to create a project with more than ten files, then you will need to build a FLO that will create the required collection of file objects required by the API. You can use the output of this action as a reference for how that object should be structured.


  • Project Option (dropdown): Select the project option that you will choose when creating the project. This will determine the source languages and target languages that are available.
  • Source Language (dropdown): Select the source language.


  • Target Languages dynamically generated
    • Language (boolean): Target languages are dynamically generated based on the choice of Project Option selected in the options. Choose True or False to identify if you would like the project files translated into the respective language.
  • File
    • File ID (string): ID of the file uploaded to SDL. Use the FileId returned from the Upload File or Upload Multiple Files actions.
    • Option (dropdown): Choose whether to Translate or add as a Reference file.
  • NOTE: This action supports creating a list of up to 10 files. If it is necessary to add more than ten files, then that list of file objects will need to be created manually using FLOs. Reference the output of this action and the SDL API documentation to determine the most effective way to build this list.


  • Output
    • Files (list of objects): A list of file objects in the structure required by the SDL API to attach files to a project to be translated. Use this field’s output value as the input to the Create Project’s ‘Files’ input field value.