Note: With Salesforce, you can only authorize a maximum of 5 accounts.

To get started, select a Salesforce Event from the Channels menu in the right-hand sidebar of the Designer or find Salesforce within the Create Account button in your Account Settings window.

  1. First, enter a nickname for your account in the Account Nickname field. The nickname can be anything - the actual name of the account, a Salesforce username, or a generic nickname.
  2. Select the environment of your Salesforce account. Most accounts will be in a production environment unless you know specifically that you are using a sandbox account.
  3. Enter your Salesforce email and password information in the OAuth window that opens. If you are already logged into Salesforce in another window, this step will be skipped automatically. NOTE: If you have a custom Salesforce domain, you need to first click the Use Custom Domain link in the bottom right of the popup window. A custom Salesforce domain is something like If you do have a custom domain, enter the domain (yourcompany) into the Custom Domain field in this second window, click Continue, and then proceed through the rest of the steps listed below.
  4. Next, you will be asked if you want to authorize access to your Salesforce account. Click Allow at the bottom of the window.
  5. When confirmed, the card Options will show the Salesforce Record types available to use in your FLO.

Once you create an account configuration on one Salesforce card, you can use the same configuration every time you create a Salesforce FLO. You can also create multiple configurations for each Connector to link all your accounts and manage them from your Settings page.

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  • Build Record Object - Build a single record object for use with the “Create Multiple Records” action
  • Create Multiple Records - Create multiple records of the same type using a list of record objects
  • Create Record - Creates a new record
  • Download Attachment - Download an attachment
  • Download Document - Download a Docuemnt
  • Download Document using Content Document Id
  • Dynamic Auth Custom API Action - Make a custom API request to the Salesforce API with dynamic authentication
  • Execute Query - Execute a SOQL query
  • Find Record - Find a single record that matches the provided fields and return the record ID
  • HTTP Request - Make an authenticated HTTP request to the Salesforce API
  • Read Picklist Values - Read the option values from a picklist-type field.
  • Read Record - Read an existing record
  • Read Related Records - Read related records of a certain record using the record ID
  • Search Records - Search for multiple records that match the provided fields and return the record IDs
  • Update Custom Picklist Values - Update the option values from a custom picklist-type field
  • Update Global Picklist Values - Update the option values from a global picklist-type field
  • Update Record - Update a single record using the record ID
  • Upload Attachment - Uploads a file and attaches it to a record
  • Upload Document - Uploads a document
  • Create
  • Read
  • Search
  • Update