Create a proof with a custom workflow

Note: Additional fields may be available depending on the connection and options you choose.


  • Create From (dropdown)
    • One File
    • Multiple Files
  • Workflow Template (text)


  • Options
    • Allow downloads? (true/false)
    • Allow Subscriptions? (true/false)
    • Default Subscriber Role (dropdown)
      • Read Only
      • Reviewer
      • Approver
      • Reviewer & Approver
    • Default Subscriber Email Notification(dropdown)
      • All activity
      • Replies to my comments
      • Daily summary
      • Hourly Summary
      • Decisions
      • Final Decision
      • Disabled


  • Proof
    • Proof ID (text)

Common Errors:

  • Error: “You do not have privilege to perform this request. The stage must contain at least one recipient.”
    • Solution: Check to make sure you are not the only one assigned to the stages of the workflow. There must be another user assigned to the stages of the workflow.