Updates a Podio contact by contact ID.

Note: The API endpoint used by this action is deprecated, and will soon be removed. See API documentation here: https://developers.podio.com/doc/contacts/update-contact-60556


  • Workspace (dropdown): A list of workspaces available to your account.

Input Fields

  • Contact
    • Contact ID (text): The unique ID associated with the contact.
  • Fields
    • Name (text): Contact’s full name.
    • Birth date (text): Contact’s birthdate.
    • Organization (text): The organization or company the person is associated with.
    • Department (text): The department of the organization.
    • Title (list of text): The person’s title, usually the work title.
    • Website (list of text): A URL to the persons homepage or the homepage of the company.
    • About (text): Short text about the person.
    • Street Address (text): The address where the person lives or works.
    • City (text): The name of the city.
    • State (text): The name of the state, only applicable in some countries.
    • Country (text): The name of the country.
    • Zip Code (text): The zip code of the address.
    • Email (list of text): Email address.
    • Phone Number (list of text): The phone number.
    • Skype Username (text): The username for Skype.
    • LinkedIn Profile (text): The full URL of the user’s LinkedIn profile.
    • Twitter Handle (text): The name of the user’s Twitter profile.