Triggers a Flow when a new private message is sent in Podio.

Output Fields

  • Message
    • Text (text): The text/content of the message.
    • Time Created(text): When the message was created/sent.
    • Message ID(text): The ID for the message.
  • Embedded File
    • Thumbnail Link(text): The link to get a thumbnail for an attached file.
    • Link(text): The link to download the attached file.
    • File ID(text): The ID of the file.
    • External File ID(text): The external ID of the file.
  • Embedded Media
    • HTML(text): The HTML object extracted from the link.
    • Description(text): A description of the embed.
    • URL(text): The URL to the embed.
    • Original URL(text): The url the user originally provided.
    • Resolved URL(text): The final url after redirects (e.g. if the url was shortened link).
    • Title(text): The title of the linked content/embed.
    • Type(text): The type of the embed.