Creates a task in Podio.

Input Fields

  • Fields
    • Task Name (text): Required
    • Description (text): A description of the task.
    • Due Date (text): YYYY-MM-DD
    • Due Time (text): HH:MM
    • Due On (text): YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
    • Labels _(list of strings)_: add any labels to the task
    • Reminder (minutes) (number): add a reminder
    • External ID _(text)_: ID
    • Privacy _(T/F)_: If the task is private.
  • Responsible 
    • User ID (text): The ID of a specific user if they are responsible for the task.
  • Reference 
    • Type _(text)_: The type of the reference.                    More help here.
    • Reference ID _(text)_: The reference ID.

Output Fields

  • Task
    • Task ID _(text)_: The ID for the new task.