This action enables you to create a link to a specific file or folder inside of OneDrive that when shared with a user enables to gain access. When creating the sharing link you will determine what accessibility those who are sent the link will be able to have with the file or folder shared.

Input Fields

  • File or Folder ID (text): Unique ID of the File or Folder you want to create the Sharing Link for.
  • Scope (text): Will accept either or two values defined below anonymous or organizational
    • anonymous: Creates a link to the item accessible to anyone. Anonymous links may be disabled by the tenant administrator.
    • organization: Creates a link to the item accessible within an organization. Organization link scope is not available for OneDrive Personal.
  • Type (text): This accepts one of three different values: view, edit or embed
    • view: Creates a read-only link to the item.
    • edit: Creates a read-write link to the item.
    • embed: Creates an embeddable link to the item. This option is only available for OneDrive Personal.

Output Fields

  • Link (text): This is a URL of the link for the File or Folder that is to be shared using the parameters set in the inputs above.