Search groups with a query. The query performs a starts with match against groups’ name value. You have the option to display the first matching record only or all matching records in a list (up to 300). For more information, review the Okta documentation here.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Option (drop-down list)
    • First Matching Record: returns a single record
    • All Matching Records: returns all matching records, in list format


  • Query: query string used to find groups by name (for example, to search for groups related to sales, enter a query value of sales)


  • Result
    • First Matching Record:
      • Raw Body (object): raw payload returned from the Okta API
      • ID: ID of the group in Okta
      • Created (date): timestamp when the group was created
      • Last Updated (date): timestamp of the last group update
      • Last Membership Updated: timestamp of the last update to group’s memberships
      • Object Class (list of text): determiner of the group’s profile
      • Type: how the group’s profile and memberships are managed: OKTA_GROUP, APP_GROUP, or BUILT_IN
      • Profile (object)
        • Name: name of the group
        • Description: description of the group
    • All Matching Records:
      • Groups (list of objects): all matching groups with payload similar to above, in list format