Use Custom API Action to make an authenticated request to the Okta API. Reference the Okta API documentation for additional details about working directly with the Okta API.


  • Request Type (drop-down): use the appropriate request type depending on the endpoint/method
    • GET
    • POST
    • PUT
    • PATCH
    • DELETE


  • Relative URL (text): Specify the relative URL as /api/v2/{insert_remaining_URL}. You can specify query parameters in the relative URL using “?”, or specify the query parameters as an object key pair in the Query input.
  • Headers (object): Specify any headers required in addition to authorization or content-type (these are already handled by this connector).
  • Query (object): Specify any additional query parameters that should be included in object format (key value pairs).
  • Body (object): Specify a request body in JSON format. Only available for POST, PUT, and PATCH requests.


  • Response
    • Status Code (number): status code returned by the Okta API
    • Headers (object): HTTP headers returned by the Okta API
    • Body (object): body of the response returned from Okta API