Get a contact’s details by Contact ID

Input Fields

  • Input
    • ContactId (text): ID of the contact of which to retrieve details

Output Fields

  • Contact
    • ContactId (text): the contact’s unique identifier
    • GivenName (text): the contact’s given name
    • DisplayName (text): the contact’s display name
    • MiddleName (text): the contact’s middle name
    • Surname (text): the contact’s surname
    • Initials (text): the contact’s initials
    • Title (text): the contact’s title
    • EmailAddress (text): the contact’s email address
    • JobTitle (text): the contact’s job title
    • CompanyName (text): the contact’s company
    • Department (text): the contact’s department
    • Birthday (text): the contact’s birthday
    • PersonalNotes (text): the user’s notes about the contact
    • MobilePhone (text): the contact’s mobile phone number
    • CreatedDateTime (text): the time the contact was created
    • LastModifiedDateTime (text): the time the contact was last modified