Creates a new contact in your Office 365 People.


  • Contact:
    • DisplayName (text): Input a display name, however, this name will not show up in the contact card.
    • GivenName (text): This name will show up as the first name of the contact.
    • MiddleName (text): This name will show up as the middle name of the contact.
    • Surname (text): This name will show up as the last name of the contact.
    • Initials (text): It’s optional to add the initials of the name, however, it will not appear in the contact.
    • Title (text): The contact’s title, for example, Dr., Mrs., Mr., or Sr.
    • Email Address (text): Enter the email of the contact.
    • JobTitle (text): Enter the job title of the contact.
    • CompanyName (text): Enter the name of the company where the contact is employed.
    • Department(text): Specify which department the contact is employed in.
    • PersonalNotes (text): Add a note about the contact.
    • MobilePhone (text): Input the contact’s personal phone number.
    • BusinessPhone (text): Input the contact’s work or professional phone number.


  • ContactId (text): The unique ID of the new contact. This can be dragged to other cards to be used as identification.
  • CreateDateTime (text): The exact date and time of the contact’s creation are returned.
  • LastModifiedDateTime (text): The exact date and time of the contact’s last modification are returned.

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