This card creates an event in a Microsoft Office365 Calendar.

Input Fields

First input the information about the event to create it. 

  • To (text):
    • Fill in the email of the person invited to the event.
  • ToName (Name):
    • Fill in the name to which the event is addressed to.
  • StartTime (Text):
    • Fill in the time in which the event starts in HH: MM format.
  • EndTime (Text):
    • Fill in the time in which the event ends in HH: MM format.
  • Subject (Text):  
    • Choose a header for the event topic.
  • HTML (Text):
    • Fill in a longer description of the event.

Output Fields

  • Event ID (text):
    • This card outputs an event ID. In other cards, it is possible to locate this event with this ID.