Make a custom request to your Dynamics CRM IFD instance.


  • Your Dynamics CRM organization (dropdown): Dynamic list of organizations. Choose which Dynamics CRM organization that you would like to use.
  • Your Dynamics CRM entities (dropdown): Dynamic list of entities. Choose which entity/record type that you would like to use.
  • Method (dropdown): Choose the method that corresponds to the type of action you would like to perform.
    • Read - Read an entity record.
    • Create - Create an entity record.
    • Update - Update an entity record.
    • Search - Search for one/many entity records.

Input Fields

  • Record
    • ID (string): ID of the record that you would like to read/update. Note: This field will only appear if the Option for Method is Read or Update.
  • Data
    • Extensible fields (user created): This is where you will manually enter the data that you would like to send in your request. For example, if you wanted to add a description field, you would click on the placeholder field where it says ‘Click or drop here to create’. Then, name the field ‘description’.

Output Fields

  • Response
    • Status Code (number): The status code of the HTTP response. Here is a list of all status codes.
    • Raw (object) - The complete body payload that is returned from Dynamics CRM IFD for this request.