Create a lookup object for the selected entity to pass into a lookup input field when creating / updating a lookup type field in Dynamics CRM.


  • Your Dynamics CRM organization (dropdown): Dynamic list of organizations. Choose which Dynamics CRM organization that you would like to use.
  • Your Dynamics CRM entities (dropdown): Dynamic list of entities. Choose which entity/record type that you would like to use. Select the ‘Your Dynamics CRM entities’ Option as the type of entity that is the lookup field. For example, if you are updating a lookup field that is of type Account, then select the Account entities option. Then pass the entity ID of the entity that you would like to use as the new value for that field into the input of Create Lookup. Then, use the output of the Create Lookup as the input into the lookup field that you are creating/updating.

Input Fields

  • fields
    • id (string): Enter the id of the entity that will be the new value of the lookup field.

Output Fields

  • entity
    • lookup (object): The object that should be passed into the subsequent lookup input field.