Reads metrics about all the leads in a program using the program ID.

Input Fields

  • Read By
    • Program ID (text): The ID for the program within Marketo.

Output Fields

The outputs for this Action are returned as a List of objects.

  • Program
    • Lead ID (number): The ID for the lead within the returned program within Marketo.
    • Lead Program Status (text): The status for the program lead as dynamically generated within your Marketo account.
    • Status Reason (text): The reason for the status as defined within your Marketo account.
    • Acquired by program? (boolean): Whether the lead was acquired by the parent program that you searched for by ID.
    • Is Exhausted? (boolean): If the lead is exhausted within its stream.
    • Membership Date: (text): The date that the lead first became a lead within the parent program that you searched for.
    • Nuture Cadence: (text): The cadence of the stream for the parent program, if any.
    • Progression Status (text): The status of the lead as identified within the parent program.
    • Reached Success?: (boolean): Whether or not the program lead has reached success as dynamically defined within your Marketo account.
    • Reached Success Date (text): The date that the lead reached success, if it did.
    • Stream (text): If the parent program is an engagement program, this field will return the Stream the lead is related to as identified by name.