This event will trigger your Flow when a subscriber has been updated.

Output Fields

These outputs will be available for each subscriber that is updated.

  • Subscriber
    • Subscriber ID (text): The ID of the subscriber.
    • Email Address (text) : The email address for a subscriber.
    • Email ID  (text) : An identifier for the address across all of MailChimp.
    • Email Type  (text): Type of email this subscriber asked to get (‘html’ or ‘text’).
    • Status  (text):  The subscriber’s current status. Possible Values: subscribed, unsubscribed, cleaned, pending, or transactional.
    • Merge Fields (object): An individual merge variable and value for a subscriber.
    • Avg Open Rate (number): A subscriber’s average open rate.
    • Avg Click Rate (number): A subscriber’s average clickthrough rate.
    • Language  (text): If set/detected, the subscriber’s language.
    • Email Client  (text): The list member’s email client.
    • Signed Up At  (text): The date/time the subscribed initially signed up.
    • Opted In At  (text) : The date/time the subscriber opted into the service at.
    • Last Updated At  (text): The date/time the subscriber was last updated.
  • Location
    • GMT Offset (number): The time difference in hours from GMT.
    • DST Offset (number): The offset for timezones where daylight saving time is observed.
    • Country Code  (text): The unique code for the location country.
    • Timezone  (text): The timezone for the location.
  • Latest Note
    • Note ID (number): The ID of the latest note.
    • Created At (text): The date/time the latest note was created.
    • Created By (text): The author of the note
    • Note (text): The content of the note.