New Subscriber

Monitors MailChimp for updates and runs the Flow once for each new subscriber.

Output Fields

  • Subscriber

    • Subscriber ID (text): The unique MailChimp ID for the new subscriber.

    • List ID (text): The unique MailChimp ID for the email list they’re in.

    • Email Address (text): Subscriber’s email.

    • Email ID (text): Unique ID for this email address across all of MailChimp.

    • Email Type (text): Type of email the subscriber asked for, either “html” or “text”.

    • Merge Fields (object): These are the values you store for each contact and the tag names to access them. For example, new lists by default have fields for First Name and Last Name using the tags FNAME and LNAME. These are customized in MailChimp using the ”List fields and |MERGE| tags” feature. To access these values so you can use them later in your Flow, send the Merge Fields object to the input of a Get Multiple then click to create new Get Multiple outputs named using the exact tag names you wish to get values for, e.g. FNAME, LNAME and whatever other tags you defined in MailChimp.

    • Status (text): Subscriber’s current status, either: subscribed, unsubscribed, cleaned, pending, or transactional.

    • Email Client (text): The subscriber’s email client.

    • Signed Up At (text): The date and time the subscriber signed up.

    • Opted In At (text): The date and time the subscriber confirmed their opt-in status.

    • Language (text): The subscriber’s language (if set or detected).

  • Location

    • GMT Offset (number): The time difference in hours from GMT.
    • DST Offset (number): The offset for timezones where daylight saving time is observed.
    • Country Code (text): The unique country code for the location country.
    • Timezone (text): The timezone.
  • Context

    • Execution ID (text): The execution ID of the Flow that ran for this contact. Can be used for error handling purposes.