Get User Info From Campaign

Returns information about a user in a campaign. NOTE: currently investigating a bug in this action that prevents some users from selecting Your Campaign. If you are seeing that error, please contact support – we are working on a fix we hope to have out soon.


  • Your Campaign (dropdown): Choose from a list of MailChimp campaigns.

Input Fields

  • Email Address (text): The email address of the user you want information about.

Output Fields

  • EmailAddress (text): Subscriber’s email.
  • UniqueEmailID (text): Unique ID for this email address across all of MailChimp.
  • EmailType (text): Type of email the subscriber asked for, either “html” or “text”.
  • Status (text): Subscriber’s current status, either: subscribed, unsubscribed, cleaned, pending, or transactional.
  • AvgOpenRate (text): Subscriber’s average open rate.
  • AvgClickRate (text): Subscriber’s average click rate.
  • IpSignup (text): IP address the subscriber signed up from.
  • TimestampSignup (text): The date and time the subscriber signed up for the list.
  • MemberRating (text): MailChimp’s star rating, between 1 and 5.
  • LastChanged (text): The date and time the subscriber’s info was last changed.
  • Language (text): The subscriber’s language (if set or detected), as a code like en for English. See MailChimp KB for a list of codes.
  • IsVIP (text): True or False, whether or not the subscriber has been marked as a VIP.
  • Email Client (text): The subscriber’s email client.
  • Country Code (text): The unique country code for the location country.
  • Timezone (text): The timezone.
  • LastNote (text): The most recent note added about this member.
  • ListId (text): The ID of the list.
  • Merge Fields (dynamically generate a list of fields): These are customized in MailChimp using the ”List fields and |MERGE| tags” feature. For example, new lists by default have fields for First Name and Last Name using the tags FNAME and LNAME.