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  • New Reporting Event


  • Add Site

    This card adds a site to a LastPass Enterprise account.


    • **Add To (text): **Select where to share the site. Examples of options include all users, group, or single user.
    • Persist Site? (Boolean):  Choose yes or no. Persistent site pushes are when the site was pushed to a group of users or All users.  LastPass will keep this site information and push to any new users that are added to the User Group or your Enterprise at large (in the case of All).  This will occur until you manually delete or deactivate the persistent push.  When you elect to use a persistent push, this means the data is accessible to LastPass. Due to how pushing sites works, this data is not in its encrypted form when waiting to be pushed.  Only upon entering the Vault will the data become encrypted using the users’ encryption keys. You can remove or delete persistent shares by viewing your previously pushed sites.


    • Site
      • Site URL (text): This is the URL of the site entry to push.
      • Name (text):This is the name for the site entry to have in the users’ vaults.
      • Site Group (text): This is the name of the group that this site will be added under in the users’ vaults.
      • Username Type (text): This is the username that the users will utilize to log in to the site.  You can select to have this be the individual’s full email address that is used as their LastPass account name, ONLY the username portion of their email, OR a custom username you manually enter.
      • Password (text): The password that will be used to login to the individual site.
      • Notes (text): Any notes that you would like to be entered into the notes portion of the site entry.
      • Favorite? (True/False): Designate whether or not you’d like this site to be marked as a Favorite in users’ vaults
      • **Decrypt ID (text): **Enter in the Decrypt ID.
      • **Custom Username (text): **Type in a custom username.
  • Add User to Groups

    This card can add one user to one or more groups.


    • User
      • Email (text): Enter the user’s email.
      • Group Names (list of text): Enter a name of each group on separate lines. Add only one group or as many desired.
  • Create User


    Use this card to create a new user in LastPass Enterprise.


    • User
      • **Email (text): **Enter the user’s email.
      • **Full Name (text): **Enter the full name of the user.
      • **Password (text): **Enter the password of the account.
      • **Password Reset Required? (True/False): **Declare whether or not to have the user be required to reset their password.
      • **Group Names (List- of Strings): **Add as many names of groups to add user to in this list.
      • **Attributes (Object): **Optional object to enter in attributes of the user.
  • Delete User

    This card removes a user from LastPass Enterprise


    • User
      • Email (text): Enter the email of the user.
      • Action (text): Choose whether to delete account, deactivate user, or remove user.
  • Read User

    This card returns multiple fields of information about a user.


    • Email (text): Enter the email of the user.


    • Fields
      • Full Name (text): Returns user’s full name.
      • MPS Strength (text): Returns strength of MPS
      • Created At (text): Returns date of creation.
      • Last Password Changed At (text): Returns the last time the password was changed.
      • Last Login At (text): Returns the last time the user logged in.
      • **Disabled? ** (true/false): Returns whether or not an account is disabled.
      • Never Logged In? (true/false): Re
      • **Linked Email ** (text):
      • **Group Names ** (list of text): Lists the groups that the user is apart of.
  • Reinvite User

    This card reinvites a user on LastPass Enterprise.


    • User
      • Email (text): Enter the email of the user to invite.
  • Remove User from Groups

    This card removes users from groups on LastPass Enterprise.


    • User
      • Email (text): Enter the user’s email.
      • Group Names (list of text): Enter a list of one or more names of groups to remove the user from.
  • Send Password Reset Email

    This card will send a password reset email to an account on LastPass Enterprise.


    • User
      • Email (text): Enter the email of the account to send a reset password to.